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 Let's Play Dragon Quest IX!

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Play Dragon Quest IX!   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:31 pm

The end was possible. And it happened. NOW, on Dragon Quest IX.

As I expected, the end of the dungeon was the Palace of the Mighty, formerly the Palace of the Almighty. And inside this very palace lies Corvus himself. He still believes that the mortals below have sinned far too mucgh, and is preparing to end them all. He asks you if you oppose this idea in a Yes/No. Naturally, you say Yes. Naturally, this leads to a boss fight. That still doesn't have the final boss music...

This Corvus fight is easy. Corvus stil believes that you are Celestrian, but you ARE able to fight him. He CAN hurt and kill you, but not too hard. Naturally, he has two turns. His regular attack is painful, and he may rise up for an aerial strike as well for more damage. He can also psyche up. Either the Gritty Ditty did a good job of finishing him quickly, or that's all he can do right now. However, Corvus is not defeated. You gain experience, but he is not defeated. He rises up after the fight, and is surprised to see that you are no longer a Celestrian.

Corvus: So, too, shall I shed my Celestrian form... to unveil my full power...

The few angel feathers remaining on his wings fall off, and he gains demonic markings on his body. You plummet back down to the bridge between the two L9 rooms. The swirling darkness has been replaced with a lone light bridge and Corvus himself inside a cocoon of some sort. You may go back to town at this point. When you continue and examine Corvus, he calls upon Barbarus to defeat you. And thus, the second to last boss fight begins.

The first thing you will notice, other than Barbarus himself, is that this battlefield has NO GROUND. You're technically floating in midair! I can only imagine how epic this battle could be if this was in anime format. As for the actual boss, Barbarus is PLENTY more powerful than the last fight against Corvus. He can easily kill you, and lasts quite long. HIs regular attack is strong enough, but his claw swipe is even stronger. He can emit an evil wave that has a chance of decreasing your party's defense AND agility. Of course, he also has a malevolent breath attack that damages everyone about 70 damage. He can also cast Zammle, and yes, he moves twice in a single turn. This fight forced me to heal quite often, and I even resorted to using an Yggdrasil Leaf on this fight. Luckily, Barbarus himself drops an Yggdrasil Leaf that makes up for the cost. I found it hillarious the one time he wasted one of his turns by admiring my party's Style, however...

And thus, Barbarus is slain at last. You have one last chance to return to town to prepare, one last chance to grind, and one last chance to do anything else before this last battle. After examining Corvus again, he breaks out of his cocoon-like hold, in a form yet more powerful. He mocks you before this one, final battle. I might be rushing this post, but it is so that I may remember EVERY detail of the many things which have happened...

... THIS is the final fight. You even get the final boss music that I've been expecting for so long.

Truly an epic and fitting theme. A clash of good versus evil, one side seeming to prevail over the other as the battle constantly changes. This fight has the same setting as the Barbarus fight, naturally, and is (of course) the HARDEST fight in the story. I'd say the game, but there's still the post game. Corvus' regular attack is extremely powerful for one thing. For another, he can cast Kafrizz. It might have been Kafrizzle, I didn't pay that much attention there. He can use a chilling breath which is something you'll want to Multiheal after. He can summon a Lightning Storm much like Luke's ability. He can use his ominous eyes on his wings to put one character to sleep. He has a burning breath which can paralyze your party to the point of being defenseless, and he can even meditate like Rhapthorne could in VIII to restore up to 500 HP! He can even Psyche up! As all final bosses must be able to, his Disruptive Wave cancels all of your stat buffs. And that's not even his WORSt attack. His ultimate technique is the same as that of Rhapthorne- the Magic Burst. He consumes all of his MP in order to perform an EXTREMELY powerful attack. if your party is at FULL HEALTH, you MIGHT have nobody die from it. You might be unable to prevent the casualties of anyone with HP that is too low, no matter how high thier life. Luke and I barely can survive it ourselves. And he can even pray to restore EVERY LAST MP he uses up to perform it! Fortunately, he ALWAYS prays after using Magic Burst and creates an opening, and he doesn't seem to even use Magic Burst again for a while. But trust me, he CAN and WILL use it more than once during the course of the fight. He sometimes laughs maniacally to waste a turn, but his other turn is always used to do one of the annoying acts mentioned above. I believe this fight used up ALL of my Yggdrasil Leaves as well as my Yggdrasil Dew. I had thought I was doomed to grind to fight this boss. Then I noticed that while I was asleep, everyone had a Coup de gra'ce primmed...

Stella: I've heard of these things called Co-op de Gra'ces that are supposedly very powerful. How do you do them?

Stella: I heard that if everyone in your party does a Coup de Gra'ce at the same time, something incredible happens...

At that point, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to wake up in time while keeping everyone alive to see if this meant what I thought it did. But I was able to wake up and keep everyone alivwe at the same time. Wanting to see if I was right, I had set everyone to use a Coup de gra'ce on the same turn...


This had unleashed an opportunity to activate the ULTIMATE technique. Four options appeared- Soul Asylum, which makes everyone invincible for a set number of turns. Hallelujah, which increases EXP and Gold earnt. Triple Tension or something, which raises tension to incredible heights. And lastly, the option to have everyone use thier normal Coup de Gra'ces. I chose Soul Asylum, and Ray, being the fasted, performed the technique. Not even Corvus himself can break this ultimate barrier. My party was actually invincible against every one of his tricks. What could be a more fitting way to end this battle than with the most powerful technique in the game? And thus, Corvus tries again and again to break the barrier, until he finds himself with one last sword stuck in his body...

Corvus finds it impossible to be defeated by a mere mortal after surpassing the Almighty himself, even if Cedi used to be a Celestrian. Though he has been bested in battle, Corvus refuses to surrender. He prepares to destroy Cedi, along with the rest of the world. But then...

At long last... I've finally found you...

Serena appears in front of Corvus, who is less than pleased to see her again. However, Serena takes out the serene necklace, which glows and begins a series of flashbacks, showing all that has happened with Corvus. Corvus learns the truth of what transpired, and is suddenly transformed back into his Celestrian state! He is ashamed of what he has done, and that he could believe someone as pure as Serena to do anything so sinful as he had mistakenly thought. The two of them glow with a heavenly light, and prepare to return together. They fly up into the sky and turn into a shower of golden light, bathing the Realm of the Mighty. Suddenly, a voice appears out of nowhere, stating Cedi's name. Back at the Observatory, the Yggdrasil slowly shrinks, and reverts to Celestria's true form! She warps into the Realm of the Mighty, using her holy powers to effortlessly revert it to the Realm of the Almighty in a blinding flash of light. She then congratulates Cedi for bringing peace to the world, and returns them to the Observatory once again. Al of the Celestrians become flashes of light, rising up into the starry sky. Celestria explains that it is time for them to return to the heavens above where they belong. Cedi, however, must guard the earth below. Soon the Observatory and even Celestria herself will vanish from Cedi's sight. Cedi boards the Starflight Express as the Observatory vanishes, and says goodbye to Celestria...

How long has it been now...? How long have we Celestrians guarded over the mortal realm below?

Though there is more to it than I can remember, the very dialogue from the begining of the game returns at this very ending of it. Honestly, this is a much more amazing final cutscene in the game itself than according to my words and memory. As the credits roll, the Starflight flies overhead the many towns we have visited to see how the world is faring now, or starts to do so. However, I have closed the very same DS before seeing the rest of the mid-credits cutscene! If anything else special happens after or during them, I will edit that into htis post. For now, my thoughts on the game and this blog! For one thing, I ADORE this game. It may not have the most reply value, but the choices in your party setup can keep you coming back, IMO. I like how many choices you have in creating the characters, and how unique everyone may be. Sure, there will certainly be some identical parties, especially seeing how Youtube seems to handle the post-game secret bosses. But I doubt that any two players will have the same experience with this game. You might have praises of landing a critical Frizzle with your Mage which slayed Lleviathan on your last legs, or you might have bitter memories of how that Rockbomb cast Kamikaze to kill your Priest. And I highly doubt that any two adventurers will be identical twins, as if they have the same characteristics, then thier armor can set them apart. Screw you, IGN, we don't care how generic the heroes are! Skill point allocations allow even the same vocation to have different abilities. The plot drew me in and kept me wondering what will happen next, and had an unpredictable twist near the end. There are some plotholes, but already I've downloaded TWO Extra quests with a Story heading, which I believe will fill them in and keep me playing even after the main story, now that Corvus is defeated. The graphics... well, it's a DS game, but I personally like the look this game has, and I don't care much for graphics anyway. The music was beatuiful, and I can't think of a single song that was bad or didn't fit the occasion it was played during. The difficulty curve was perfect. This game started really easy, but became much harder before too long, and I know post game will just get even harder. Now as for this blog, I am pleased with myself! Seeing how horrible of a job I did with my last 4, I am proud that I was able to stay committed to this one project I have actually completed, even if it isn't of the highest quality! As much as I am glad to have done this, however, I do not believe I will blog on Etrian Odyssey III (See first post) unless you guys like this blog more than I think you do. Now, I MAY and I MAY NOT actually blog on the post-game story and events. This game is something best experienced yourself, and I think you guys should learn what these post game extras are yourself. I'd like your guys feedback on this blog. What do you think of it? What would you have done differently? Do you want me to blog about post-game story events or let me take a break from this game? Any thoughts you had while reading this, PLEASE share. This is the last update on the main story and gameplay. So unless I decide to blog on the post game... farewell everyone, and thank you for reading this!

EDIT- There was a short but important scene after the credits. The Starflight dropped Cedi off at the blue tree by Alltrades, where Stella and Sterling as fading away from Cedi's vision. Stella is saddened at the thought of Cedi becoming mortal and not being able to meet with hom anymore, but Sterling (As muchas he doesn't like it) admits that sokme things must be done. Stella says that she will always be friends with Cedi, as the Starflight rides off into the sky above. As they leave, Stella tries to tell Cedi her greatest secret, but her voice is cut-off partially by the train getting out of earshot. ONce the train leaves, a fygg falls into the ocean by Porth Llaffan...

To Be Continued...

But not on this blog, unless you guys want me to.

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PostSubject: Re: Let's Play Dragon Quest IX!   Fri Jul 30, 2010 7:44 pm

Personally i thought the music at the school was awful.

Also OH MY GOSH you fianlly beat it! Very Happy
I've just been Money Grinding.
I always prefer to get better equipment before advancing the story.
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Let's Play Dragon Quest IX!

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